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Avenir Ceramics | About Us

About Us

AVENIR CERAMICS is a Bulgarian company with leading positions among the importers of building materials. The company offers sanitary equipment, bathroom furniture, flooring and tile made of sanitary ware, granite, natural stone, clinker, travertine, marble, ceramic tiles. Many popular interior designers and architecture studios in Bulgaria trust AVENIR CERAMICS as their consultant. Construction companies with the best market positions do not hesitate to choose AVENIR CERAMICS for a partner.


Activity and Experience


The company was founded in 2012. It has ever since been expanding its business scope and showing a constant sales growth. The products which are being imported in Bulgaria by the company meet modern standards in quality and design, allowing even the most ambitious projects to be successfully accomplished.

As of 2015 dozens of construction companies and sub-distributors are pleased with their partnership with AVENIR CERAMICS. The company holds a leading position in the field of B2B sales. This comes as a result of the sustainable development policy implemented by the management since the creation of the company.

AVENIR CERAMICS main priority is satisfying the high and strictly specific requirements of key clients. Many of them are proven professionals who have extensive experience in the building industry and know how important it is to choose the right partner. By maintaining strict business relations the company gains these clients trust for working together on expensive long-term projects.

The company constantly expands its activity in order to provide products and services for every project possible, regardless of its scale. Construction entrepreneurs find a reliable partner whenever they turn to AVENIR CERAMICS. Recognizable projects accomplished with the participation of the company speak louder than words. Some of them have been awarded, others have been nominated for awards in the prestigious contest Building of the Year.

Mission and Goals


AVENIR CERAMICS pays great attention to full customer service, which involves determining the most appropriate products and services for each project, preparing favorable offers, signing contracts, providing the necessary certificates, strictly meeting delivery deadlines. The personal approach aims to support any construction idea, so that it can evolve into a real masterpiece.

In order to ensure the quality of its products, the company carries out accurate monitoring of their status in real time. Thus deliveries are being effectively controlled from the process of loading to the time of unloading. Employees watch for eventual obstacles on the way. Services provided by AVENIR CERAMICS include after-sales service, which clearly states the companys desire to build long-term partnerships with its clients. These relationships are based on trust and quality insurance.

The companys management regularly visits the most important international construction exhibitions, follows the global trends and meets industry leaders who work in different countries. That is why AVENIR CERAMICS is capable of offering its clients innovative products and resourceful ideas which correspond to the specific needs of each project.

One of AVENIR CERAMICS main goals is the idea of providing clients with detailed information about various products and services. The companys team promptly responds to all client inquiries and ensures full real-time account about the processes that are part of the work on each project.

AVENIR CERAMICS partners can get information about different aspects of the companys activity anytime – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

Products and Services


AVENIR CERAMICS offers high quality products for various construction needs. The companys catalogue includes wall and floor ceramic tiles, flooring and tile made of sanitary ware, classic and engineering granite, natural stone, clinker, travertine, marble, construction
adhesive, grout and other products that could be needed in the construction process. AVENIR CERAMICS also imports highest quality sanitary equipment (toilets, sinks, built-in structures) and bathroom furniture (bathtubs, showers, cabinets, mirrors).

Partners and Manufacturers


AVENIR CERAMICS works with over 50 of the leading foreign manufacturers in the industry. The company imports products from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Turkey and China.

Thanks to the stable relationships established with companies from different countries, AVENIR CERAMICS continues expanding and offering its clients a wide range of products and services.
Because good interior and architecture ideas turn into reality only when professionalism meets quality!